Welcome to The Ink Well Publishing Services

How It All Began...

The Ink Well Publishing Services started on June 21, 2019 as a marketplace for concept creators and cover designers to share their work with romance authors. 

Since then we’ve added digital and physical products and several other services all under the same umbrella. 

We’ve pulled together a 17 page guide of our favorite Author Resources.

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How We Can Help

Story Ideas

With premade plot concepts, custom concepts, plot doctoring, and trope lists, we can help you get that story started.


With novella consults, novel consults, outlining, plotting journals, novel in a month journal, and outlining your novel course, we can help you plan your book and avoid writer's block.

Writing Process

With our sprinting journal, sprinting spreadsheet, ghost sex scene writing, plot doctoring, and voxer accountability coaching, we can help you get that book written.


With beta reading, quote/snippet service, proofreading, self-editing checklist, editing (content and line), formatting, formatting checklist, graphics, covers, blurb writing, and our blurb writing course, we can help you prepare to publish.


With KDP checklist, KDP publishing via zoom, D2D publishing via zoom, and Smashwords publishing via zoom, we can demystify loading your book onto the platforms of your choosing.

Grow Social Media

With our email sequence, content calendar, curated content membership, Love Kissed for Readers directory, graphic quote/questions, 52 emoji interactive graphics, white glove service, and coaching, we can help you build a social media platform with ease.

Get Organized

With our new release planner, weekly planner, ultimate quarterly planner, KDP checklist, formatting checklist, self-editing checklist, sales report spreadsheet, and coaching, we can help you stay on top of your author career.


With our book launch checklist spreadsheet, launching your book Trello board, rebranding your book Trello board, sales report spreadsheet, romance newsletter blasts, romance promotions, Love Kissed for Readers Directory, and coaching, we can help you grow your income.

Solution in a Box

With our theme based boxes, we can help you focus on one aspect of your career at a time.

The ultimate author resource guide!

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