• Would you like to have someone write your sex scenes for you? (Or do you like coming back to those [insert sex scene here] in your doc?) 

  • Have you overcommitted? We have authors who would be happy to take something off your plate! 

  • Would you love to have a pen name of entirely ghostwritten books to use as passive income? We have authors ready to write! You just focus on the marketing. 

We have the solution for you!

Hire a ghostwriter to write some or all of your book! 

Your project is in good hands. We employ the highest quality writers

We want to make the whole process smooth and not give you a headache, so we have a list of questions that will help the ghostwriter to understand your project and be in a position to write the perfect story for you.

Our ghostwriters have committed to writing approximately 10,000 words per week so a 50,000 word book will take roughly 5 weeks to complete.

Once hired, we will ask you some questions about your project to help us guide the ghostwriter when writing your book. We will also ask you to attach a google doc of your outline for them to follow. If you do not have a concept or outline then we can help you with that separately.


Step One:

Pick your project.

🪶 novella (20-40k)

🪶 novel (41-90k) 

🪶 sex scenes only (you say how many, how long, and how hot) 

Step Two:

Select your ghostwriter.

🪶 Tell us what genre and tropes, we can help you find your match 

Step Three:

Pay the deposit to get on our schedule.

🪶 Our ghostwriters work from an outline to ensure you get the story you want 

🪶 You can provide an outline, or we can help create one for you via our consult or outline service 

Step Four:

Sign the contract.

🪶 We have a contract to manage expectations on both sides.

🪶 We lay out deadlines, and the process.  

Kick back and relax while our ghostwriters do the work!

Full Ghostwrite Project

Hire one of our ghostwriters to write a novel or novella for you!
$ 0.03 Per Word
  • Choose the project word count
  • Select your ghostwriter
  • Pay your deposit to schedule your start date
  • Choose your genres, tropes, character names, setting, and tense
  • Completely customized to your preferences

Sex Scene Ghostwrite Project

Hire one of our ghostwriters to fill in those sex scenes!
$ o.05 Per Word
  • Choose how many sex scenes you want in the book
  • Tell us the set up for the scene
  • The setting, pet names, and how many participants
  • We'll make them as sweet or sexy as you desire
  • Our ghostwriters are ready to simplify your life
Save Time

Have questions you want answered prior to booking? Reach out. We’re happy to help!