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Meet Krissy & Nicole...

Meet Krissy & Nicole...

My income stream-building journey started in 2008 when I found myself suddenly single after fifteen years of marriage, raising a teen and a tween on my own. (Did I mention one was a boy? My future Marine. The kid can eat.) All I could do was leap and hope a net appeared.

Krissy runs Author Bunnies, a service specializing in story ideas, outlines, and proofreading.

Nicole started Love Kissed Books as a BookBub for the common romance author, then expanded into promotions, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, story ideas and zoom plotting sessions.

Since we share the same mission, and because we'd rather grow together than compete, we decided to build The Ink Well Publishing Services to bring you products we need and use too.


We're 💖💡🖥️ so you can ⭐📈💰.

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