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Need help onboarding new subscribers? Authors, use our email onboarding templates to properly welcome them!

You will receive a PDF download with a link to add the Email Onboarding Templates to your Google Drive.

We know how intimidating it can be to sit in front of the computer and plan out an automation sequence. Maybe you’ve read the books, you’ve taken some masterclass, you’ve seen what your other author friends have done, and yet when it comes to making your own, it’s so time consuming and frustrating that you set this task aside. Again.

Not this time! Our five email sequence template can help.

How will this help you?

? A template for five separate emails
? General enough that anyone can use them
? Detailed enough so you understand the message being conveyed
? Key components of each email to help you personalize
? What you should focus on
? Suggestions for how to personalize and make it your own
? Ideas for ways to build the relationship, and grow your brand

Best of all, like everything else we design, this product can be used FOREVER.

Simply make a master copy, then tweak to match your voice and style.

Worried you won’t be able to properly install it with your email server? We can help. Click the link to hire our social media manager. She’ll install it for you!


Download PDF of instructions.


? How This Works ?


➡️ Download your pdf file

➡️ Click on the link in the PDF file to open the Email Onboarding Templates Google Doc

➡️ Log in with your FREE Google account

➡️ Copy the templates to your account


➡️ Buy now, download the instructions pdf. Click the button to add the templates to your Google account and start creating your email sequence immediately.

➡️ Questions? Ask and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours.


? You CAN…

✅ Use the templates to create your email onboarding automation sequence

✅ Share with your PA/VA to get help with the installation


? Resell or redistribute these templates in any way other than your personal use.

? This is a digital product that is delivered via instant download, therefore, no refund can be issued.

? These files may not be sold or redistributed in digital or printed form.

? All rights reserved © for The Ink Well Publishing Services


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