Outlines and Plotted Concepts


Have the story in mind, but can’t seem to get it plotted out? We’ve got you covered.

We offer a done for you service, where you give us the concept and we outline it for you.

We offer either 10 or 20 chapters, but if you have more or fewer chapters, then reach out for a price. 

Once you purchase an outline, you will be given a link to schedule your concept, then you will be asked to fill in a form so that we can gather some information from you. We will ask for a copy of the concept that you have which needs outlining. 

We will then use our ‘bunny magic’ and outline your story for you.

If you want a plotted concept then we will write 5K words of the story from start to end, including the angst. We will give you information on the characters, their backstory if there is any and details on the setting etc.


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